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Detail of Vladimir Putin puppet , by artists Mishi Foltyn, Per Stian Monsås, Joanna Bruno and Katherine Butcher, 3rd March 2022, K.U.K., Trondheim (NO). 



Krigen i Ukraina handler om demokrati

by Aftenposten

Opinion | The war in Ukraine


Charles Butcher

  • Institutt for sosiologi og statsvitenskap, NTNU

  • Marianne Dahl

    Seniorforsker, Institutt for fredsforskning (Prio)



What to do as an activist in Russia



Show notes


- Giorgi Meladze
from Tbilisi, Georgia. Law professor and founder of CANVAS Georgia - center for applied nonviolent actions and strategies:

- Charles Butcher, professor at NTNU, Norway 
Charles is leader of the project ARC - Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns:


Free to Think, 2022

Scholars at Risk Norway, SAIH, Forskerforbundet, NTNU and DION hosted a seminar about academic freedom, and how we can protect it.

In December 2021 Scholars at Risk launched the report «Free to Think». The report analyzes attacks on higher education communities around the world, including violent attacks on universities, wrongful imprisonment and prosecutions of scholars, and attacks on student expression. The data is collected from 16 countries around the world, including Belarus, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the United States.

Event notes


Panel discussion guests:
- Patric Wallin,

The Norwegian Associations of Researchers, NTNU
- Charles Butcher,

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU
- Ilker Gökhan

Sen, Dr. Iur., visiting researcher, Faculty of Law, UIB
- Oleksandra Hrybenko,

PhD fellow, Faculty of Journalism and Media Studies, Oslo Met

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